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Harris: City should buy reflectors for nighttime bicycle riders
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There’s a lot of drug money out there.

When Manteca Police seize assets during drug raids, the law allows enforcement agencies to keep the ill gotten gains of arrested suspects such as drug money as well as assets purchased with proceeds of drug sales.

The City Council on Tuesday approved a request from Police Chief Nick Obligacion to purchase two currency counters for $10,300 from the general fund asset seizure reserves. The scanners would be used by the police department and the finance department.

Obviously there is a lot of drug cash that is seized that needs to be counted.

In an answer to a query from Councilman John Harris, the police chief indicated the department hopes to save up asset seizure money to buy a second armored tactical vehicle.

Harris suggested that some of the asset seizure money be used to purchase reflectors for bicyclists.

He noted that he was out late one evening driving with his wife when he noticed an inordinate number of bicyclists wearing black or dark clothing.

“You can see them,” Harris said, noting it is a huge safety issue.

He suggested the police buy the reflectors with the funds and for police officers to distribute them to bicyclists when they see them at night.

It should be noted a number of the bicyclists are homeless individuals.