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Homeless definitely anxious for shelter
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Manteca City Councilman-elect Mike Morowit dropped by Wal-Mart Thursday to pick up a few items.

When he came out, he was greeted with a “hey Mike” and “congratulations.”

The man came up and shook his hand. Then another said “hi.”

The well-wishers may be an indication that Morowit as well as fellow council newcomer Richard Silverman and mayor elect-Steve DeBrum may have one of the shortest honeymoons in Manteca political history. 

The two individuals greeting Morowit were long-time Manteca homeless.

One asked Morowit whether “we are going to get out shelter.”

Given the growing frustration of residents who have issues with the homeless, those that want something done to help them and the homeless themselves the pressure on the City Council to take additional action isn’t going away.

But as far as Morowit is concerned, one of those actions won’t be a city-funded homeless shelter.

Morowit said he is open to community-based groups pursuing such an option but not the city.

That said he noted “It would be ignorant to ignore” the homeless situation.

“It’s not going to go away,” he added.

Morowit’s election creates vacancies on two city boards — the Planning Commission and the Measure M Sales Tax Oversight Committee.

It should be noted Morowit is the first retail businessman on the City Council since Frank Warren’s term as mayor expired 20 years ago. Warren owned a shoe store during his tenure on the board and is one of the current owners of Manteca Bedquarters. Morowit owns Miner Mart Liquors.