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Kahoot! developers dropping by Manteca schools
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Two key players behind the Kahoot! are stopping by Manteca Unified on Friday lured by how the game-based classroom response system is catching on in local classrooms since the Going Digital roll out.

The Scandinavian-based firm’s representatives will drop by McParland School and then Manteca High.

History Tech describes Kahoot! as an assessment game that “contains the same sort of elements that a good game would contain.”

“Think Socrative or Infuse Learning and you’re starting to get the idea. Kahoot takes the idea of the assessment clickers perfected by Socrative / Infuse Learning and adds gaming components.

Using a simple drag and drop tool, educators create and manage “Kahoots” in the form of quizzes, surveys or polls related to the topics they’re teaching; either asking quick questions to get feedback or opinion, or more in depth questions for formative assessment.

One of the big differences between Socrative and Kahoot! is that the questions are projected on a screen in front of students – much like the video bar trivia game. Your kids use any smart device and browser – phone, tablet, or computer – to join the Kahoot using a specific PIN number. You provide the question and possible answers.  The kids see the answers on their device and select the answer they think is correct. This is the other difference between Kahoot! and other student response systems – it’s not an app, so its device neutral making it perfect for BYOD schools or for classrooms with a variety of devices.”