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Manteca part of big Apple show & tell
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Is the Apple marketing team coming to Manteca?

The most recent Apple event unveiled Hermes watches, larger iPads and a secret trip to Manteca. Sounds unbelievable?

One of our sharp-eyed readers pointed out that during the presentation the Apple team gave a shout-out to our city. When Apple Senior Vice President Craig Federighi demonstrates the new 3D Touch, he goes through his mailbox and opens his emails one after one to show how quick and convenient the new addition will be. One of his emails has “California Trip” in its subject line, being sent from employee called Brian Croll. When Federighi opens the email, the text pops out on the screen.

“Hey Everyone,

It’s that time of year – time to start thinking about another marketing team road trip to “research” the next name for OS X. We’ve picked out a few prime candidates that we think could be truly memorable. Check them out:


The email continues with towns like Tehachapi or Arroyo Grande, supposedly in a consideration to become a place of Apple’s next company retreat. 

Watch it yourself at around 93rd minute.

Whether is the email real or not and whether is Apple marketing team really coming to stay for a couple of days, one thing is clear – Manteca is on the radar of one of the biggest companies in the world. And that’s a powerful feeling.