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Manteca USD bans car wash fundraisers
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Manteca Unified continues to stay focused on conserving water.
Many of the rules such as mandating water breaks or malfunctions of plumbing and irrigation systems be repaired within 24 hours of discovery predate the drought and were initiated to save the district money.
The district has put in place rules that go beyond the city’s requirements.
Besides adhering to odd and even address watering as well as no more than three times a week, the school district allows watering only between 8 p.m. and 6 a.m. instead of the city’s 6 p.m. to noon window. The reason is simple. Not only is water evaporation at a minimum during overnight hours but plants and grass tends to absorb more moisture as they aren’t “shut down’ to protect against the heat.
Besides adhering to city rules prohibiting water being used at any time to wash down sidewalks or parking lots the school district went one step further and banned car wash fundraisers. The Manteca City Council declined to institute a car wash fundraiser ban out of concerns it could financial hurt some non-profits.
49er fans dealt
another ACE
San Francisco 49er fans have an ACE.
The San Joaquin Regional Rail Commission has decided to continue game day service to the 49ers games this season. Levi’s Stadium is within easy walking distance of the ACE Great America station allowing fans to forgo traffic and expensive parking. Instead they can relax going to and from the game.
Round trip pricing will be determined in the coming weeks.
The Sunday games that ACE will provide rail service are Aug. 14 against the Houston Texans (preseason), Oct. 2 against the Dallas Cowboys, Oct. 23 against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Nov. 6 against the New Orleans Saints, Nov. 20 against the New England Patriots, Dec. 11 against the New York Jets, and Jan. 1 against the Seattle Seahawks.
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