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Residents with busted mailboxes wait on repairs
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Judy and Jimmy Spears are starting to wonder when the U.S. Postal Service will deliver on a repair.

Or take a phone call.

Community-style mailboxes in their neighborhood were broken into and vandalized about two months ago.

The backs of each box, standing side by side and in plain view of a security camera, were ripped off, exposing 24 individual boxes and leaving many vulnerable to mail theft.

The boxes remain unfixed, affecting 22 residences along Marino Way and Teresa Place, near Sierra High School.

A letter from the U.S. Postal Inspection Service has been taped to the front of each mailbox, warning residents of mail theft.

Two months after the incident, residents reached by The Bulletin say they’re more concerned by the lack of urgency shown by the postal service than missing mail.

To pick up and drop off mail, the residents use the post office on Industrial Park Drive. That post office is more than 3 miles away, giving new meaning to “Hon, I’m going to run down to the mailbox.”

Judy Spears said it’s “becoming a pain,” one with no immediate solution in sight. She was given a number to contact regarding the repair, but has yet to speak to a human.

“We have asked the post office about when they will be replaced and have not gotten any answers,” Spears wrote in an email to The Bulletin.

Attempts to reach someone with the post office at the same number provided to the Spearses were unsuccessful.