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Silverman supporting DeBrum in mayors race
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Rich Silverman is not splitting hairs.

The Manteca City Council hopeful who — along with fellow candidate Mike Morowit — was surprised to see mayor hopeful Ben Cantu run an ad that left many with the impression they were either part of a united slate running for office or that they had endorsed Cantu.

He made it clear that he wasn’t endorsing anyone in the mayor’s race but that wasn’t enough for some.

Silverman found out that even when you use the right words people get the wrong impression.

“I am not endorsing anyone but I have always supported Steve DeBrum,” Silverman said.

By endorsing, Silverman meant correctly that he wasn’t having his name appear officially in any form saying he was backing a particular candidate. He has always supported DeBrum. He just simply doesn’t want to get caught up in endorsements. But that is exactly what happened when the Cantu ad led many to conclude that Silverman has indeed endorsed Cantu for mayor.

“While I am not running on a slate with Steve, like the one Ben misrepresents me (being) on, I support Steve’s candidacy for mayor because of his proven leadership and ideas for Manteca.

“I have supported DeBrum from the start attending his events, putting up his signs and even some precinct walking on his behalf. He is supporting me and I support him.”

DeBrum Monday night confirmed that he does support Silverman.

Silverman also moved Monday to distance himself from Cantu’s support for a men’s homeless shelter in Manteca.

“I am against the idea, same as Steve,” Silverman said. “My police experience with the homeless makes me sure that if “we build it, it would attract more homeless plus just where would we get the money to operate it anyway.”