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Slip, sliding away by In-n-Out
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It’s freezing at night but still people let their lawn sprinklers go creating major safety hazards on sidewalks and elsewhere.

Case in point is the In-n-Out Burger. The fast food place’s water system always covers the sidewalk with a nice sheen of water in the early morning. When it drops below freezing, it turns the entire public sidewalk from Commerce Drive to the Highway 99 onramp into an icy Slip-n-Slide. At least three people on Monday were seen struggling to maintain their balance while gingerly navigating the ice. Another opted to go into the street where oncoming traffic had to dodge them.

Say what you want about automation but the wrong kind can be deadly. It wouldn’t be a problem if the In-n-Out irrigation system had moisture sensors or if someone had presence of mind to shut it off when it’s going to freeze.