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Stop sign for Crom & Foxfire?
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Is there a stop sign in the future for Crom Street and Foxfire Drive in Manteca?

The city has placed pneumatic traffic counters at the intersection to count traffic volume. Based on the results the city staff will recommend whether they believe a stop sign is justified at a future City Council meeting.

The matter was brought to staff’s attention by Councilman John Harris. He had received inquiries about a possible stop sign from neighborhood residents who are concerned that traffic speeds has increased even more since the city last year upped the speed on Crom Street from 30 mph to 35 mph.

The speed increase was necessary under state law. If the Manteca City Council wanted police to continue enforcing speed laws by the most reliable and safest manner by using radar they have to readjust speeds based on a survey. State law mandates the speed be adjusted to reflect the travel of the 85th percentile of the vehicles caught on radar during an engineering and traffic survey. The state requires such a survey to be conducted every seven years.

Harris noted neighbors are worried about children walking to Stella Brockman School.

Mayor Willie Weatherford noted during a council meeting last month that the city already has two traffic calming devices on Crom so adding a stop sign might be in order.

The council is not bound to act on what the staff recommends meaning if they say traffic volume doesn’t justify stop signs the council could order them to be placed there anyway if they are convinced there is a pressing public safety concern.