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Teeing off on T-shirt line
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Time for Brock Elliott’s “Back to School” committee to go back to the drawing board.

Or perhaps, it’s time to stop selling and making T-shirts all in one night.

Last Thursday’s “Back to School” night was marred by a slow-moving T-shirt line that prevented parents from 1.) visiting other tables and booths, 2.) meeting staff and administration, and 3.) visiting their child’s classroom for an orientation with their instructor.

Some waited more than an hour in line as the vendor sold and screened T-shirts and sweaters. It was too much for two men to handle.

It wasn’t much of an issue for a child with two parents present. Many just had a spouse wait out the line, while the other sat in on the teacher’s presentation.

However, if you happened to be by yourself or have multiple children, you were likely faced with a dilemma. Now, I know what you’re thinking, “Dude, it’s just a T-shirt. Step out of line and see the teacher. “

And you’re right, it’s just a T-shirt ... a T-shirt Brock Elliott hopes its students will wear with pride regularly.

If the school is going to sell T-shirts – and promote that kind of school spirit – they should find a way to expedite the process; a way to eliminate the dilemma.

The current operation is producing more teed-off adults than youth T-shirts.