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The gang was all there Tuesday
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It hasn’t happened in well over 24 years, but all of the official candidates in an upcoming municipal election were in attendance at a Manteca City Council meeting.

Besides incumbent Vince Hernandez and councilman Steve DeBrum who is making a run for mayor, present on Tuesday were council challengers Richard Silverman and Mike Morowit along with mayoral hopeful Ben Cantu.

Silverman and Morowit have been regular attendees in recent months and before that made periodic appearances. It was a first for Cantu during an actual election cycle.

Cantu used the occasion, as a citizen, to voice his displeasure in a three-minute time allotment about the council’s decision extending the suspension of the collection of bonus bucks. He asked them to reconsider their decision and then listed what the city could spend the disputed $6.9 million on assuming they could collect it.

It was a cordial presentation all around plus it gave you insight into Cantu’s approach to things.