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Their PG&E bill soars to $40,000 in December
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The forecast calls for snow in Lathrop starting Dec. 1 with ice solid enough to skate on forming a few days later.

Dell’Osso’s Holidays on the Farm is back for another run Dec. 7 through Jan. 4

Snowmaking for the tubing attraction starts a week ahead of opening while water will be applied for several days on the rink that is cooled by buried coils.

 When the snow tubing started several years ago, they had to start making snow three weeks out. They improved on the system by placing cooling coils beneath the downhill course. It has virtually eliminated snow loss due to wind and the need to generate larger amounts of artificial snow to make the ride enjoyable.

It also has done one other thing — it reduces the farm’s PG&E bill. The changes have allowed Ron and Susan Dell’Osso to shave their PG&E bill for the holiday attraction that initially pushed $40,000 for a month.