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Wonder what hed pay for a dairy cow?
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You can bet Jason Messer’s wife doesn’t let him go grocery shopping alone.

The Manteca Unified School District superintendent recently paid right around $400 a pound for chicken.

It wasn’t the type of chicken likely to end up at The Colonel’s. They are Serama chickens considered the world’s smallest chicken breed typically coming in under 500 grams or just over a pound apiece. They are known for their upright posture, full breast, and vertical tail feathers. The Serama is gaining popularity as a show chicken in the United States. Messer got hooked after an organization promoting Serama chickens gave the school farm a grant to obtain the chickens for student projects. The school farm has also hosted a Serama chicken show.

Messer had the winning Internet bid for his latest acquisition. And like most dedicated hobbyists he’ll go to any lengths to get what he wants. Because the budding opened at the crack of dawn on the East Coast he had to get up at 1 o’clock in  the morning to participate.

What’s a four hour

delay for United?

Manteca residents Leon and Liz Sucht vacationed recently in Cancun, Mexico.

The trip required them to fly out of San Francisco International Airport.

While waiting for their flight, they bought a copy of the San Francisco Chronicle. Among the stories in  that edition were the rankings of ten airlines at the airport for being on time.

They were flying United Airlines.

Their flight departed four hours late.

United Airlines happened to come in ninth on the list.

One only wonders how bad the on-time track record of the No. 10.

Mayor’s  Committee Chili

Cook Off is canceled
Due to circumstances beyond their control, the  Mayor’s Committee on the Arts has to cancel this weekend’s chili cook off.

Marlene Figone said the organization wanted to thank the cooks, judges, and committee members preparing for the event. For ticket refunds, she said contact the person who sold you your ticket.