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Art auction benefits Mary Graham kids
Mary Graham Childrens Artwork
An example of the art.

Whether you consider yourself a Van Gogh with extreme artistic talent or a Van No with no talent artistically whatsoever, when it comes to creating art of any kind, there is just something very therapeutic about it. 
Sculpting, drawing, painting, writing and other artistic avenues naturally stir up something of value.  Not necessary as in a valuable product but as a valuable tool to express one’s self.  In other words, creating art is a form of expressive therapy that helps people of all ages advance mentally, emotionally, physically and even spiritually as they allow themselves the freedom to be who they really are through the molding of clay, writing on paper, play of music, using motion or painting on canvas.
The process of expressing one’s self through art brings personal value as it has proven to reduce stress, improve self-esteem and increase one’s overall well-being.  For this reason, Mary Graham Children’s Shelter offers art and music programs to their youth in order to help them have a much needed avenue of expression as well as develop their talent.   As the children of Mary Graham create artwork, not only is the creative freedom allowing for personal improvement but as an extra boost of encouragement, for the past 8 years the shelter has also held an auction of the children’s artwork as part of a fundraiser in order to put money back into such programs for the San Joaquin County foster kids.
On May 11 from 5:30 to 8 p.,m., Mary Graham Children’s Foundation will hold their Annual Kid’s Art Auction at the Stockton Golf and Country Club. Ticket reservations are $50 per person and includes wine tasting, live music, heavy hors d’oeuvres, a silent auction, desserts, and a live auction, all for the betterment of foster youth.
 Mary Graham Children’s Foundation executive director Amber Saunders explains that the programs supported by this event “provide educational and recreational opportunities which include an art and music program as well as the Mary Graham Children’s Foundation Trade & College Scholarship program and that those attending the auction will have the honor of hearing from a former foster youth who has benefitted directly from this fundraiser.”
Saunders is reaching out to members of the community for their support of the Mary Graham Children’s Foundation Kid’s Art Auction which not only increases the self-esteem of the foster children as as buyers bid for their artwork, but the event helps to support “valuable therapy to kids on-site at the Mary Graham Shelter by offering an outlet to safely express their feelings and emotions.”  In addition, Saunders says “the foundation’s Trade & College Scholarship program affords opportunities for students to further their educational goals and create an important foundation for future success.”
With art being such an effective mode of expressive therapy, as members of the community support Mary Graham Children’s Foundation Annual Kids Art Auction, they are actually helping Mary Graham’s foster children grow, heal and greatly improve their life.
For more information about sponsorship opportunities or to make reservations for the Annual Kids Art Auction, call Amber Saunders at (209) 468.-7635 or visit