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At Rust Salon its all about you
Kendra Kallstrom Owner Rust Salon
Kendra Kallstrom is among the newer businesses owners in downtown Manteca. - photo by MONICA CANE/The Bulletin

Opening her own hair salon is something Kendra Kallstrom had always wanted to do but never had the opportunity or right location to do so.

That is until a year ago when a co-worker at Peaches and Cream in Tracy where Kendra was working as a stylist mentioned that the studio Secrets & Salon in Manteca was closing and suggested Kendra look into it.  As luck would have it Kendra connected with the owner of Secrets & Salon, Julie, through cyberspace.

“I was actually friends with Julie on Facebook and didn’t even realize it. I sent her a message letting her know that I was interested in finding out what it takes to be a salon owner and was hoping she could give me some pointers,” Kendra said.

Within minutes of sending the message, Kendra received a call from Julie and the two talked for a good length of time about what it really takes to be a successful business owner.

“I went to see the shop that evening and thought it was really cute and had a lot of potential.  I called the building owners the next day and three weeks later I had the keys.”

Kendra, and her husband immediately began working together to create a charming salon where clients could feel welcomed but first they needed to pick a new name that would depict the theme Kendra had in mind.

“My husband and I were going back and forth with names,” she said. “I kept saying I wanted a rustic, recycled theme and then I went to L.A. for some training and my husband called me one morning at 4 a.m. and said, ‘I woke up this morning and the name Rust popped into my head.’  I told him it is way too early and I would call him later but the name just stuck with me throughout the entire day.”

Not only did the name stick but when they googled it, the couple discovered that the name “Rust” actually means to get the grey out.

Opening the doors to Rust Salon in January of this year has been a dream come true for Kendra who is a true believer that everything happens for a reason.

Everything simply fell into place, including the right stylists needed to fill the stations Kendra had available prior to opening. 

“I was very lucky I didn’t have to find my staff, they found me,” she noted. 

From cuts, styles, colors, waxing, texture, hair extensions, airbrush makeup and eye brow tinting, Kendra and her stylists cover it all and do so with the mind set of making each and every customer feel comfortable and satisfied.

Not even a full year in business and Rust Salon has already earned a good enough reputation in the community to be nominated as Best in 209 in which to their delight, they won.

“We have been extremely successful and blessed,” Kendra said.

Kendra is considering the possibility of adding another station and stylist at some point in order to accommodate their busy schedule as presently the stylists are now booked two weeks in advance.  However, for a more immediate goal Kendra is looking to connect in some manner with the community. 

“I would really like to give back to the community and am looking for organizations that will take us five stylists and help us give back.”

Whether giving back to the community as a whole, through the services they offer their clients or through the products the salon carries which support organizations such as City of Hope and Hungry Children, Kendra and her staff ultimately work at giving back each and every day by their excellent service and letting their clients know, “It’s all about you.”

For more information call Rust Salon at (209) 629.8842 or follow them on Facebook or on Instagram at Rust209.