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Bank of the West robber walks away
The robbery suspect.
A soft-spoken man described to be between 25 and 27 years old ordered a Bank of the West teller to give him her money and reportedly threatened her not to touch the alarm button.

Manteca Police Detective Steve Harris said the man entered the bank on Commerce Drive near Yosemite Avenue at about 2:20 Monday afternoon and handed the teller a demand note.  Harris said the man put his hand on his waist band simulating a weapon when he apparently thought the clerk might signal for police.

Witnesses said the man stood about 5-foot-8 and had a thin dark mustache just above his upper lip and wore cargo shorts and a dark jacket and ball cap.  In addition to the cap he wore oversized sun glasses in the robbery that officers said happened very fast.  He also had very short hair seen under the edge of his cap, police said.

He was last seen walking on foot across Yosemite Avenue on Northwoods Avenue.