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Bethany Home resident bowls six perfect 300 Wii games in one day
Steve Guyett simulates his bowling prowess that he has delivered in over 1,750 games of Wii Bowling and challenger Brad Wilson, who serves as his competition, watches his style. Guyett bowled six perfect 300 games at the Bethany Home skilled nursing facility last week. - photo by GLENN KAHL
RIPON — Neither  rain nor sleet nor snow will keep a good mail man from completing his appointed rounds,  especially after 30 years of dedicated service – Ripon’s Steve Guyett is the perfect example after suffering a double stroke.

Guyett – always ready with a smile and with time to chat – has transferred his concentration and precision in the workplace to Wii Bowling after suffering his debilitating experience as he was headed out of Ripon to go fishing.  He has become a championship simulated bowler in Bethany Home’s  main dining room for the hour-long activity every afternoon.

The former San Lorenzo mail man bowled six straight perfect 300 games – 72 strikes in a row – earlier in the week.   He claims a total of 108 perfect games out of 1,762 bowled since he started playing in January of last year.

Guyett said he commuted to his job in the Bay Area every day for 19 years from Ripon before he was stricken.  He recalled that fateful  morning he was driving out of Ripon to meet friends at New Melones to fish and traveling north on Jack Tone Road when his vision caused the roadway to look like a weaving snake.   He stopped and got something to snack on at a restaurant and continued on toward the hills.  It was not until he went to see an ophthalmologist because of his failing vision days later that it was discovered that he suffered from a stroke.

Guyett said the bowling helps keep him in shape and is a constant challenge with two friends Brad Wilson and another frequent bowler named Dario.  

“It keeps me calmer,” he said, “and serves to stretch the muscles.”  He noted that a Bethany employee, Joey Bieth, was familiar with the game after it was donated by an anonymous former employee – putting it into operation and showing Guyett how to bowl on the game.

Bowling over 1,000 games elevates a player to the “pro” level.  The Riponite said, strangely enough,  he had to reduce his total down below his actual number to allow the game to post his real total of games played.

He also bowled in Manteca in recent years with the Men’s Scratch Team scoring 214 at the beginning and 207 when he left the team.  Another hobby he enjoyed was target shooting at the Barnwood Arms on Main Street.

Guyett chuckles when he talks of mentoring his two challengers and demonstrating the determination and concentration that is required to bowl a 300 game.  He added that they go home and try to use his formula, but find it just doesn’t work as well for them.