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Board might reconsider Acorn decision
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The decision by the Manteca Unified board to bring the Acorn League back in house after 10 years of being run by a non-profit might be subject to an instant replay tonight.
Trustee Michael Seeyle is expected to ask the board to rescind and reconsider action it took at a previous meeting  to have the seventh and eighth grade after school sports program be 100 percent under the district’s umbrella next school year. If Seeyle succeeds in having the item reconsidered, the board may seek requests for proposals to weigh alongside spending $300,000 to reinitiate the Acorn League as a district program.
The non-profit Manteca United Student Trust (MUST) that stepped up in 2006 to save the program when it was going to be given the ax due to budget cutbacks was never given a chance to submit a proposal to continue running the after school sports program. MUST ran it without school district funding.
Superintendent Jason Messer noted staff is proceeding with implementing the Acorn League as a school program as the board instructed  in March until they are told otherwise.
The sports that staff has identified as likely to be offered through an in-house Acorn League would be volleyball, cross-country, basketball as well as track and field for both boys and girls. All of the district schools with seventh and eighth graders would be involved.
Messer said the undertaking is being molded after the Valley Oak League structure that governs participating high schools including Manteca, East Union, Sierra, Weston Ranch, and Lathrop.
Tevani Liotard would be tapped as the Acorn League coordinator working in concert with high school athletic directors and the various elementary schools. The athletic directors are considered critical to make sure rules and regulations are in place that will flow the Acorn League seamlessly into the high school level.
Messer noted Liotard has a long history with high school sports and experience with seventh and eighth grade as well through the MUST program.
The superintendent emphasized that the staff will work to implement the board’s directive that Acorn League “engage students” when it comes to their education.
The cost of stipends for the coaches for Acorn League as an after school program operated by the district are negotiable. To come up with an overall cost figure for the Acorn program for the board’s consideration in March, Messer used a figure of a $2,032 stipend per coach per season. The additional pay — just like that for other assignments such as summer school and coaching high school sports teams and other extracurricular assignments involving stipends — will not spike a teacher’s retirement benefits that are based on their base salaries.
The committee the school board appointed to look into whether to bring Acorn League back under district control noted the current arrangement was keeping some students from participating due to the fees.
The committee also  noted the old Acorn League was important to  schools as it provided opportunities for students who were not connected to school as well as motivation for students to do well in school. 
Also on tonight’s agenda is
ua public hearing regarding the Manteca Educators Association 2016-2017 proposal to reopen a previous agreement regarding work year, hours, salaries, health and welfare benefits, as well as assignments, transfers, reassignment, and leaves.
ua report from Messer regarding the dual enrollment program with Delta College.
uconsideration of an agreement for after school programs in Weston Ranch.
uthe possible awarding of roofing contracts of the sloped and built- up roofs at Sierra High and the science wing at East Union High.
The school board meets tonight at 7 o’clock at the district office, 2271 West Louise Ave.