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Budget cuts needed to cover raises
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The deal has been done with the Manteca Educators Association for a new contract.
To make it work, the Manteca Unified board now has to determine what not to spend money on in the adopted budget to cover the salary and benefit increases.
Superintendent Jason Messer noted that decision hinges on the 45-day budget revise that will determine more precisely how much revenue the school district will receive from the state. The board in approving the contract was aware that state revenue increases for the fiscal year that started July 1would not cover the entire tab.
Messer said an exact figure of what the board needs to come up with by not spending money budgeted elsewhere depends on the newer revenue figures. But based on savings that were identified by district staff as ways to shift the needed money in the budget — the elimination of kindergarten aides and elimination of 10 certified positions currently not filled — the amount needed to cut from the budget will be at least in the six figures if not more.
The board made it clear this week it was not willing to eliminate kindergarten aides.
The 10 certified jobs are positions such as vice principals that the board inserted in the approved spending plan. Messer noted the board could decide to eliminate all or some of the certified positons. As an example, it could opt not to fill any of the vice principal spots or fill one or more.
Regardless, no existing employee would lose their job.
The impact is cushioned somewhat given the teachers did not receive pay raises last year. However, retroactive raises — just like the current year raises — are an ongoing reoccurring cost.
The agreement with MEA includes:
A 2-percent across the board salary increase retroactive to July 1, 2016 – including the formulation of all stipends and extra duty pay.
A 2-percent across the board salary increase retroactive to January 1, 2017 – including the formulation of all stipends and extra duty pay.

uEffective January 1, 2017 the district will increase its annual employee benefits to $795 per month, and as of July 1, 2017, increase its employer contribution to health benefits from $795 to $850.
uAn increase in the amount of money paid for adjunct duties will be increased retroactively, including JV and Varsity football games ($40), freshman football games ($30), JV and varsity boys basketball games ($40), freshman boys basketball games ($30), JV and varsity girls basketball games ($40), freshman girls basketball games ($30) and all frosh/JV/varsity triple-headers ($70).
uRaises for Science Olympiad coaches (4 percent), high school choral directors (3 percent increase to 5 percent), elementary band and vocal directors (3 percent increase to 5 percent), head varsity track coaches (13 percent), assistant track coaches (10 percent) and head varsity football coaches (15 percent). All other coaching stipends will be increased by 1 percent of the total salary.
uIt also funds new positions for water polo (8.5 percent) and assistant water polo (6.5 percent) coaches.