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Burglars hit Norman Drive pharmacy
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Two masked suspects are pictured breaking through an outside smashed-out glass door in a two-story medical building on Norman Drive at 4:28 a.m. Thursday morning.

Striplin Pharmacy was burglarized in the predawn hours Thursday of thousands of dollars in prescription medications by two men who broke into the main building and then busted through the front door of the drug store and gift shop in the 1100 block of Norman Drive.
Security cameras caught the pair dressed in black camouflage clothing as one jumped over the front counter of the store with a crowbar in hand and ran back to where the drugs were kept, scooping them off shelves and into the two duffle bags.  The men were in the building, according to the recordings, at 4:28 a.m. and had left the pharmacy by 4:35 a.m., being caught on other cameras outside the building. 
One of the suspects could be seen frantically attempting to shut off the alarm, once it sounded, knowing officers could be on their way.  Striplin staffers were still viewing the camera footage Friday to see if there was anything they had missed earlier other than one of the robbers having his pants slip down after jumping back over the front counter.
The security cameras followed the pair running across the parking lot, with duffel bags overflowing with drugs, where they  got into a car parked in the shadows and drove down Norman Drive. 
The store owner said multiple bottles of the expensive pain killer Norco and other bottles of Promethazine cough syrup with codeine were missing when they arrived at the store after being called by online security personnel. She said that most pharmacies no longer stock Norco, because it has become a popular drug on the streets. It costs thousands to stock on the shelves.  
She noted that most of the pharmacies in Manteca have already been burglarized of their drugs multiple times, but this was a first time for the Striplin Pharmacy.  The front door of the building was secured with heavy plywood following the nighttime thefts Thursday. The business in a two-story building located in a complex of medical offices,  south of Yosemite Avenue and west of Spreckels Avenue. 
Morphine and other controlled and non-controlled medications had also been taken, she said.
When Manteca Police officers arrived on the scene, they sent a police canine into the building to insure there was no one who had stayed behind following the thefts.
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