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Cadaver dogs used in search for missing Lathrop man
One of the dogs used in Fridays search. - photo by Photo Contributed

LATHROP — A private investigator, hired to find a missing 69-year-old Lathrop man, used cadaver dogs as part of his search Friday morning.

Joshua Lee, of American Justice Investigations of Manteca, was hired by the family of Jarnail Singh to search further along a Lathrop levee area near Louise Avenue and down to the Mossdale area using two specialized dogs.   

Lee said as the handlers were walking northward along the levee, their dogs indicated separately that they were picking up a scent of a possible deceased body just west of Brookhurst and West Louise Avenue near a stand of trees by the San Joaquin River.

The location where the dogs showed interest was less than half a mile away from the home address where Singh was last seen leaving to take a walk on Feb. 27. 

“This does not mean a dead body is in fact in the water,” Lee said.  “But it gives authorities an idea where they might want to further their search for the missing man.”

The private investigator said the area covered by Friday’s search ranged from West Louise Avenue to South Manley Road to the Mossdale Bridge.  He added that the man’s family is planning to search with an organized party of friends in the near future.

Singh left his home some 12 days ago on foot and did not return.  He was wearing a sand-colored turban, gray pants and a white jacket.  He had no ID, no money, and he did not speak English, having been in this country only a short time from his native India, his family reported. Any information regarding his whereabouts may be reported to the San Joaquin County Sheriff’s Office at (209) 468-4400.