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Calvary Community stages free musical today, Sunday
Actors are shown in the manger scene from Reboot, a Christmas musical being staged by the Calvary Community Church. - photo by HIME ROMERO

• WHAT: “Reboot” Christmas musical
• WHERE: Calvary Community Church, 815 W. Lathrop Road, Manteca
• WHEN: Today at 7 p.m. and Sunday at 2 p.m.

In order to reconnect with his family, George must first disconnect from his hi-tech world.

Ron Barber is George in the Calvary Community Church production of ‘Reboot,’ an original Christmas musical.

“Three are original songs,” said director Dawn Coyan during Friday’s opening night performance.

Her husband, Tom Coyan, is the music director.

The musical continues this weekend at Calvary Community, 815 N. Lathrop Road, Manteca.

Admission is free. The performance for today is scheduled for 7 p.m. while the Sunday encore is at 2 p.m.

‘Reboot’ deals with the struggles and pressures faced by today’s family. Dad works long hours and the children are consumed with social media, cell phones, and other hi-tech devices.

No one talks anymore, complained the mother, Beth, played by Allison Little. Beth and George have been together for 18 years but their marriage has hit a “rough patch.”

They’ve stopped communicating verbally for some time.

George, who works 80-hour weeks in hopes of getting that promotion, has missed out on family milestones including his daughter’s recent formal.

Sierra Green plays the daughter, Sarah, and A.J. Thomas is in the role of Jacob, who is younger and smarter of the two siblings. “Everyone knows that a heart is a muscle,” he says.

But it’s Beth (Little) who takes action by planning a family trip to a cabin without TV or internet. Her hope is for the family to come face to face on what’s really important in their lives.

“I thought getting away from it all might re-connect us as a family,” she said.

 Calvary Community stage is split with two sets. One half is the cabin scene and the other is the Pine Cone Café, which also is one of the few places in this fictional mountain town – referred to as another Mayberry – with a Wi-Fi connection.

No surprise that the Pine Cone Café is also the church for the Sunday service.

George (Barber) and his family slowly take to their new surroundings. Sarah (Green), for example, finds a friend in neighbor Allie, who is played by East Union High product and current Delta College student Daniela Calleja.

She and Green appeared to have fun performing the Gloria Gaynor disco song, “I Will Survive.”

Little puts a modern spin to the “My Favorite Things” lyrics from The Sound of Music.

The entire cast along with Calvary Community Church choir members – they also double as the town folks – closed out the performance with “The Last Noel.”

Rounding out the cast is Danny Keeler as Allie’s unemployed father, Bob, and Dawn Thomas as her mother, Jen. Charles Knight plays her younger brother, Robbie.

Like Sarah, Allie (Calleja) was once the popular girl in school living in “a perfect world” before her father lost his job.

But through discovering her religious faith, she found a positive change in her attitude even though her family situation stayed the same.

Allie and Sarah, in addition, share the role of Mary in the town’s live Nativity scene.  The reason for that is the weather in this fictional mountain town is too cold for any girl to last more than an hour.

They’re joined by Kyle Paradiso, who plays Joseph.

Rehearsals for this original Christmas musical kicked off in October, according to Dawn Coyan.

For more information, call the church at 209-239-1345 or log on to