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Candlelight vigil set for murder victim on first anniversary
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A memorial candle lightvigil on the first anniversary of Tevanie Deanne Lantz’s death allegedly at the hands of her husband one year ago today will be held 8 o’clock tonight in the 600 block of South Veach Avenue.

Family members and close friends are planning to gather on the front lawn of a duplex where Lantz, 35, had run some 150 feet with her baby in her arms to escape her alleged knife-wielding husband, Jesse Refugio Tellez, 48, who is charged with plunging a knife into her chest multiple times.

Police said last year they believed the woman was holding her toddler when she was killed.

Tellez is awaiting trial for murder in Stockton – a trial that was expected to begin in August.  Police said a change in a judge assigned to hear the case has now caused the trial date to be in a temporary state of limbo.

Family members, still traumatized by the early morning attack say that they continue to miss Tevanie more than words can express.  They hope the candlelight spiritual moment will bring them all together in her memory.