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Church helps victim of pursuit crash
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A church and unexpected insurance coverage provided  a surprise twist for the Manteca woman whose car was rear ended in Saturday night’s police pursuit of a fleeing felon believing she had lost her transportation in the blink of an eye.

The car was classified as being totaled by the crash.

Believing she had no insurance to cover her car’s damages, Linda Allott knew she was going to be without a vehicle while still owing $4,000 on her 2000 Toyota Camry.  She said her insurance card showed that her coverage didn’t expire until December, and her lender had not notified her that her auto insurance had actually lapsed.

Allott explained that the firm that carried her loan had a blanket policy that actually covered her car in case of vandalism or hit and run.  A spokesman from her lender said it would cover her loss and she would owe nothing more on her payments.

Of course she still has need of a vehicle and it was her church that came through and provided a 2010 rental for a week until she can find another car.
She said she was called by a church representative who wished to remain anonymous telling her to go down to Enterprise Rent-A-Car on North Main Street where a vehicle would be waiting for her to take home.  When she arrived at the North Main Street location the car was ready for her to drive away, and all she had to do was to take the keys in hand.

Allott said she was thrilled that the church would step up to the plate like they did for a member who had been attending there for only six months.  She noted that the church preferred to remain anonymous in their support for her.