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City plans upgrade of dirt alleys
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A third of Manteca’s residential dirt alleys will be covered with compacted recycled pavement grindings from road work being done next summer on South Main Street and East Yosemite Avenue.

The alleys in question are in three areas of Manteca:

ualleys in west central Manteca found behind Nevada Street, Edythe Street, and Virginia Street.

ualleys in central Manteca found behind Lincoln Avenue, South Grant Avenue, Sherman Avenue, and North Grant Avenue.

ualleys in east central Manteca found behind North Powers Avenue, Sheridan Avenue, Marie Avenue, Hansen Avenue and Mylnar Avenue.

The unanimous decision by the City Council Tuesday has the potential to allow even more alleys to be covered given the road work is expected to yield substantial grindings.

Councilman Mike Morowit noted the decision means more work will get down with tax dollars while all of the neighborhood issues will be addressed including dust and maintenance. Unlike an asphalt alley such in Powers Tract where weeds grow between the pavement and fences requiring residents to abate them at least twice e year, the grindings will cover the entire alley surface eliminating the potential for weeds.

And because the compacted grindings are pervious, storm runoff will sink into the ground which also meets new storm water management standards.

The work will involve removing four inches of existing soil and replacing it with four inches of compacted asphalt grindings. Had the council opted to proceed with awarding  bid to do grindings work earlier than next year, it would have cost $260,000 since another city’s recycled grindings would have been trucked in to use. This way the cost of loading and hauling the grindings will be covered by the contracts for work on South Main and East Yosemite That leaves the prep work and actual application to be covered, something that will cost the city roughly 50 percent of $130,000 less.

Mayor Steve DeBrum noted Manteca is expected to lose as much as $160,000 in Local Transportation Funds next year as the Altamont Corridor passenger service and Regional Transit buses are in  line to take a bigger cut. That means there will be less money for road work.