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Convicted boy rapist not welcome to stay at El Rancho complex
Dewayne Smith
El Rancho Mobile Home Park owner Marie Raymus said Wednesday that recently released child predator Dewayne Smith, 50, is not now staying with his parents in their mobile home in Manteca.

“He’s not there – we wouldn’t take the risk,” Raymus said.  She noted that after the news in the media broke Tuesday that he had been released in Manteca and had gone to the East Yosemite Avenue community,  residents of the park had been continually calling her on the telephone.  She asked for a retraction of Wednesday’s front page story.

She said they are all worried because they have grandchildren coming to visit on Thanksgiving Day – asking for a retraction of Wednesday’s story.  Raymus said he was never there.

She said he wouldn’t have been allowed to live at El Rancho simply because of his age – the rental agreements  allow only for those over 55 years old.  She added that Smith is not in San Joaquin County now, but she didn’t know where he might have gone to live.

One resident of the park said it was her understanding that family members – such as grandchildren – can stay in a family member’s mobile home for up to two weeks.

Ruth Allen, manager of the mobile home park, stressed that the man is not living at El Rancho now, and she also understands he went to live in San Francisco.  Another resident called on Wednesday afternoon asking for a retraction of the story, saying Smith had only been at the park for a couple of days before leaving for San Francisco.

Manteca Police Detective Steve Beerman said that while Smith is required to register as a sex offender at his local police agency, he is free to go wherever he chooses – the jury has spoken.  He had been jailed as a violent child predator, and placed in a state mental hospital for more than 20 years when it was decided this week that he was no longer a threat to society.  

Detective Beerman said he is waiting for Smith to come into his office and talk to him when he registers as a sex offender — if he is, in fact, living in Manteca.  Smith has five days to do so, Beerman  said, adding  he doesn’t know where the man is living now.   Beerman said that Smith is under no court ordered supervision, adding that the jury’s release did not require any follow-up counseling.

If Smith were to register with a Manteca address as his residence, the Manteca Police Department is required to put out fliers in the stores and also around his neighborhood informing citizens that he has moved into the community, according to a police spokesman.

It was in the late ‘80s that Smith was arrested and subsequently convicted of sodomizing an 8-year-old boy who he had coaxed into his van in the 900 block of West Yosemite Avenue.  When he committed that crime he was already out on parole, Beerman explained, for sexually assaulting a young teen in Southern California while holding him with a knife.

Smith was transferred from Atascadero State Mental Hospital near San Luis Obispo to the San Joaquin County Jail six weeks ago.  A three week trial followed in Stockton where a jury found him as being a safe release.

San Joaquin County District Attorney Grand Brooks was quoted as saying he still believes Smith is a pedophile.