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Couple seeking info on abuser of dog
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Lucky Lucy survived brutal treatment.

When Mel Tucker went outside and saw a dog that had been beaten, tortured and abandoned, he wasn’t a very happy person.
But as a dog-lover he did what he had to do in order to take care of the three-year-old Rottweiler mix – taking her inside of the house, cleaning her up, and assuring her that nobody was going to hurt her again.
It was heartbreaking for Kathy Tucker to watch her husband’s reaction to seeing the way the innocent animal responded to his kind gestures, but now that the dog is on the mend and the family is actively searching for a good home that she’ll be safe in, they’re wanting to find out exactly who it was that was behind abandoning an animal that almost had its throat cut open and cowered whenever they approached it.
“He was just so hurt when he saw that because animals so much and it was shocking to see somebody intentionally hurt a dog like that,” Kathy Tucker said. “You could tell that she just wanted to be petted and was in absolute shock with what she had been through. It makes you stop and think what kind of a person would do something like that to a defenseless animal – especially one that’s as sweet as she is.”
On top of searching for a family for female dog that they’ve named “Lucky Lucy” they’re also posting a cash reward for any information that somebody can provide that will reveal the dog’s owner so that they can be turned into authorities.
It isn’t the first time that they’ve dealt with abandoned or abused animals – Kathy Tucker said that they’ve gotten rather close with a local vet in town after bringing in those that they’ve discovered hurt and left to fend for themselves on the street – but something about Lucky Lucy and the horrendous shape that they found her in just seems to resonate, she said.
“When you walk out onto the back porch with her the first thing that she’ll do is lay flat,” Kathy said. “My husband has worked with her on a harness – we still can’t push a leash on her because her neck was basically hamburger meat when we found her – but she’s gotten a lot better and she’s even wagged her tail a little bit in the last day or so.
“She’s just a very sweet dog. She didn’t growl at us or try and bite us, and all she wants is somebody that loves her and I think she’ll be a great addition to anybody’s family.”
Anybody with any information about the dog’s owner or where it came from is encouraged to contact the couple at 209.239.5406. A cash reward has been set-aside for anybody with information, and those interested in adding the animal to their family are encouraged to call.