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Cousins convicted of numerous Burglaries sent to state prison
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Two cousins who terrorized Manteca and nearby rural communities in a series of residential burglaries last year were sentenced to six years each in state prison on November 1 in Stockton Superior Court.

Aaron J. Blueford and Alfonzo R. Turner, both 21, were sentenced on Nov. 1. They were to be transported to Duel Vocational Institute prison in Tracy from the county jail sometime after Wednesday, Nov. 28, according to court records.

Superior Court Judge Ron Northup accepted a guilty plea from Blueford on one count of armed residential burglary, striking down another six counts that had been filed against him.  Additionally, an enhancement to the burglary charge was also set aside.

Co-defendant Alfonzo Turner pled “no contest” to count 7 of the charges which was for receiving known stolen property with the enhancement of having prior serious known felonies.

Both men received credit for their 326 days served in county jail and were also given a second 326 days off of their sentences for good time work credit.

Beat patrol officers had responded to a call of a burglary in progress last December in a Manteca neighborhood and responded to the home where the intruders had just fled.

Patrolman Shawn Cavin headed toward the Highway 120 Bypass thinking he could intercept the men near Airport Way if they were headed for the Bay Area. He intercepted the fleeing vehicle driving westbound toward Tracy where two of the three burglars, including a 17-year-old,  had  lived – one resided in Oakland.

It was later in the investigation that much of the loot from the burglaries was discovered in the Oakland residence, police reported.

The senior officer kept the trio and their white Lexus in sight until other patrolmen and the Highway Patrol could catch up with him.  CHP officers initiated the pursuit at that point with lights and siren – a pursuit that continued over the Altamont and finally into the Dublin area where the chase had to be called off because of heavy freeway traffic.

Motorists, however, had called police when they witnessed the men throwing numerous items onto the roadway from their 1992 Lexus as they drove into a downtown area.  Officers had been warned to be vigilant and to keep their distance because the men were believed to have been armed having taken weapons in the home thefts.

Dublin Police and units from the Alameda County Sheriff’s Office came onto the car as it was being abandoned due to an empty gas tank.  One of the men was arrested near the car and the other two were caught after a short foot pursuit by officers.

Tracy Police had also showed interest in the trio, since they had suffered a series of home burglaries in their community with burglars who had been seen driving a white Lexus.

The San Joaquin County Sheriff’s Office reported having three additional home burglaries in the county area outside Manteca including break-ins in the 20000 block of Tinnin Road, the 10000 block of East Louise Avenue, and in the 10000 block of Jeanie Road.

Sheriff’s spokesman Les Garcia said that his department had seven home burglaries that Monday in other South County areas that could be linked to the two men – another 12 were investigated that were possibly linked that had occurred throughout the county.

Both men initially had their bail set in excess of $1 million and were charged with burglary, conspiracy and receiving stolen property.