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4 geese found dead with tied necks in Manteca
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Eight Canadian geese have been found in Manteca neighborhoods during the past week in and around Edison and Main streets,

Manteca Animal Control officer Les Rowe said a ninth goose had taken up residence in a family swimming pool. The residents put the bird in a dog kennel for the city officer to pick up.  It was believed to be ready to lay a nest of eggs, he said.

The four geese that were found dead had orange string laced around their necks, the animal control officer said.  Rowe took one of the birds to his rural home where he is attempting to nurse it back to health while he released two others back into the wild.  One of the birds had been located on the Golden West School campus.

Another animal report involved a blind Dalmatian that had been shot with a pellet gun.  Rowe said it occurred in the same area as the recent dog poisonings in the Park West neighborhood south of East Union High. A woman picked up the dog and took it to the Central Valley Veterinary Hospital that is now open 5 to 11 p.m. for emergencies.

He said a veterinarian took care of the dog’s wound and released the animal to a rescue organization rather than sending it to the pound.