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93-year-olds kindness paid back with thievery
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The kindness of a 93-year-old Manteca retiree turned on him with thefts of some $4,000 in cash, and other valuables from his bedroom closet lock boxes.

Not identifying the man because the case is still under investigation, Manteca Police said the victim had befriended two women whom he saw continually begging for money in front of Manteca’s Wal Mart Store on South Main Street – sympathizing for their lot in life.  He served as their benefactor for some three months.

Described by an officer as a very sweet man, he had given them $40 at a time and written checks on occasion at his home in Manteca.  When he gave them money he would go back to his bedroom closet for the cash.

Police believe that one or both of them visited the man’s home when he was away taking care of his wife in a Manteca area rest home.  He is with her morning, noon and night – for breakfast, lunch and dinner – because she will only eat when he is holding the spoon to her lips.

Officers realize it may be difficult to prove just who took the man’s money, birth certificate, passport and other items from his bedroom.