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Another pet victim of poisoning by anti-freeze
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Sylvia Kimes hugs “Mystic,” a 12-year-old family pet, who became sick after ingesting anti-freeze, a Manteca veterinarian confirmed this week. - photo by GLENN KAHL
A Manteca woman and a neighbor living in the 400 block of East Sutter Street both told of cats with similar symptoms this week that a doctor confirmed to be caused by anti-freeze ingestion.

Sylvia Kimes said it all happened so fast on Tuesday with her cat becoming violently sick and frothing at the mouth and vomiting.  She quoted her vet at the Central Valley Veterinary Hospital as saying bringing the animal right in probably saved its life.

“She is my baby – if I lose my baby, that’s it,” she said of “Mystic.” The vet bill was $300 but it was worth it, she said, because it saved the life of her four-legged friend – a black, long-haired Muchkin.

The cat had been given intravenous injections for its related dehydration and will have to return to the veterinary hospital in three weeks for another IV treatment.  Now at home it is getting its medication every eight hours.

When she checked in at the desk at the animal hospital Kimes said she saw another woman was there with her cat with similar symptoms and noting that a vet told her that he had to put his dog down for the same reason.

“This is scary.  What kind of person would do this,” she asked.  “You have to be afraid to let your dog or cat outside, “she said.  Since she has been home again after being through so much pain she hides underneath the bed, she added.  

Kimes credited the staff at the Central Valley Veterinary Hospital.  “They are really good over there.  They really know what they are doing,” she said.

The word needs to get out to people in the community that someone is poisoning cats now east of Main Street, she said.  They need to watch out for their animals, she added.  The other series of anti-freeze cases were in the Park West subdivision to the northwest.