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Assaults, drive-by shootings continue downward trend
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Drive-by shootings and other aggravated assaults continued to drop in Manteca during June.

Manteca Police Chief Dave Bricker said officers have increased their emphasis on trying to curb gang violence. That has resulted in aggravated assault dropping 18.37 percent going from 40 through June of this year compared to 49 the year before. They was no increase in month-to-month comparisons with seven assaults taking place this June compared to last June.

Part of the department’s success is reflected in juvenile arrests that have skyrocketed. So far, 159 juveniles have been arrested this year for a 44.24 percent increase over the 111 at the same time in 2010. There have been 1,233 adults arrested so far in 2011, just seven less than last year at the same time.

The monthly Manteca Police Department crime statistics report issued for June, reflects an upward swing in property crimes that started in January. Prior to that, property crime had dropped for 22 consecutive months in Manteca.

In year to date comparisons between this year and 2010 through June:

• Auto burglary was up 40.81 percent going from 223 to 314.

• Residential burglary was up 34.13 percent going from 126 to 169.

• Commercial burglary was up 29.82 percent going from 57 to 74.

• Vehicle theft was up 7.76 percent going from 116 to 125

• Grand theft was down 32.98 percent going from 94 to 63.

• Robbery was down 16.67 percent going from 30 to 25.

Even with the current increase in vehicle thefts, they are on pace to reach only 250 this year in Manteca. That is less than a third of the peak year of 798 auto thefts.

Misdemeanor thefts have dropped by less than a percent in year-to-year comparisons going from 1,450 in 2010 to 1,446 this year.

Also dropping in June-to-June comparisons was:

• Narcotic offenses by 22.84 percent going from 162 to 125.

• Alcohol offenses by 15.36 percent going from 306 to 259.

• Domestic violence was unchanged staying at 176.

• Fraud and forgery by 16.97 percent going from 165 to 137.

The value of property stolen is up 104.42 percent in year-to-year comparisons going from $1,682,784 to $3,434,910. Successful recovery of stolen property has shot up even higher by some 125.16 percent going from $585,774 to $1,318,921.