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Breakfast chat tip given to police chief yields $6,200 bust with pot & money
Manteca Police officers Jeff Houten and Jason May were involved in the find of a drug cache in a house on Goodale Court Manteca. On the table is over $6,200 in confiscated drugs for sale. - photo by GLENN KAHL
Three Manteca men were arrested early Saturday morning with some $6,200 in drugs after police followed up on a tip Police Chief Dave Bricker received Sept. 12 during the “Breakfast with the Chief” event at Perko’s Restaurant.

Bricker talked with a Manteca citizen who had witnessed an abnormal amount of foot traffic in and out of the residence.  Police had staked out the home Friday night and saw men enter who were known to be on searchable probation.

Officers Ian Osborn, Jeff Houton and Jason May conducted a probation search at the residence shortly after midnight Saturday bringing three men out of the house searching them and the home as well.

Joey Johnson, 23, of Manteca was charged with being in possession of methamphetamine, possession of methamphetamine for sale and possession of drug paraphernalia.  David Janke, 50, of Manteca was charged with possession of marijuana and John McDaniel, 45, also of Manteca, was arrested for possession of marijuana.

Police confiscated two and a half pounds of marijuana buds valued at $5,000, $750 in cash and 15.1 grams of crystal methamphetamine valued at over $1,200 along with a couple of drug pipes and two scales.

The trio was booked into the Manteca city jail on the charges and released on citations.  Their court date is set for October 30.