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Burglaries from auto to residential on rise
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Burglaries helped push up Manteca’s crime rate in July.

All the major categories of burglary – auto, residential, and commercial – were up between 28 and 44 percent through the end of July this year compared to the same seven-month period in 2010.

• Auto burglaries are up 44.57 percent from 258 to 373.

• Commercial burglaries are up 36.92 percent from 65 to 89.

• Residential burglaries are up 28.38 percent from 148 to 190.

The Manteca Police Department crime statistics report for July that follows FBI felony reporting guidelines came out just days before the state last week started its effort to reduce prison population to comply to federal court demands by granting early release to “low level” felonies involving property crimes which are essentially burglaries.

Vehicle theft was up 8.21 percent going from 134 to 145 while arson jumped 133.33 percent going from 6 to 14.

Other so-called part One Crime Offenses - designated by the FBI - dropped.

• Robbery was down 11.76 percent going from 62 to 56.

• Rape or unlawful intercourse was down 41.67 percent going from 12 to 7.

• Grand theft was down 28.44 percent going from109 to 78.

• All other felonies were down 15.12 percent going from 281 to 247.

Overall, felonies are up 9.71 percent.

Even with the current increase in vehicle thefts, they are on pace to reach only 250 this year in Manteca. That is less than a third of the peak year of 798 auto thefts.

Misdemeanor thefts have dropped by 1.71 percent in year-to-year comparisons going from 1,758 in 2010 to 1,728 this year.

Also dropping in July-to-July comparisons was:

• Narcotic offenses by 20.54 percent going from 185 to 147.

• Alcohol offenses by 14.31 percent going from 361 to 310.

• Domestic violence by 1.41 percent going from 214 to 211.

• Fraud and forgery by 19.79 percent going from 192 to 154.

The value of property stolen is up 110.69 percent in year-to-year comparisons going from $1,852,520 to $3,903,031. Successful recovery of stolen property has shot up by some 106.03 percent going from $690,016 to $1,421,664.