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Bust of roadside deal nets drugs & cash
DrugsDSC 0711
A table filled with drugs and cash was the net result of officers coming across a drug deal on their way to a Stockton court Tuesday morning. - photo by GLENN KAHL
Two Manteca Police detectives on their way to court in Stockton stumbled on a “roadside drug deal” that netted $10,000 worth of drugs and cash Tuesday morning.

Officers Sean Cavin and Paul Carmona spotted suspicious activity near the intersection of Union and French Camp roads about 9 a.m. that they described as a drug transaction taking place between the occupants of two cars.

They detained a couple in a blue Lincoln Town Car with a second suspect fleeing the scene.  Officers said they obtained a partial license plate of the second vehicle and are looking for the third suspect.

Arrested were Hector Saul Estrada-Ramos and Christina Lucila Rodriguez, both 21 and  of Stockton and Lodi addresses.

The detectives said a search of the Lincoln discovered an Ajax cleanser container with a false bottom that contained 33 balloons with black tar heroin and 31/2 ounces of methamphetamine. The couple allegedly had $980 in cash on their persons.

The officers obtained search warrants for their homes in Stockton and Lodi finding more drugs and cash at the Lodi location.

When police searched the attic they found plywood sheeting laid across the rafters leading them to believe that more was secreted above the ceiling of the home.

Hampered by heavy insulation they found short pieces of black plastic sewer type pipe containing another five ounces of black tar heroin, dope packaging materials, a scale and a notebook.

They said another $700 in cash was discovered in a Huggies diaper box above the rafters in the garage.  

Jesus Enrique Montes, 25, was arrested at the Lodi home and charged with possession of heroin for sale and for an outstanding warrant for possession of stolen property.

Estrada-Ramos and Rodriguez were charged with possession and possession for sale of methamphetamine as well as for transportation of the drug - a total of seven felonies each.  They were also charged for possession of heroin and for transportation of heroin along with conspiracy.

Their bail was set at $140,000 and their court date is Thursday, Jan. 29, at 1:30 p.m. in the Manteca branch of the San Joaquin County Superior Court.