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Catch & release in counterfeit greenbacks caper
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One of the bills believed to be bogus at the Target Store is inspected by a Manteca officer. - photo by GLENN KAHL
A Manteca man who was believed to have passed counterfeit bills at the Manteca Target Store in the past reportedly attempted to elude police shortly after noon on Tuesday after officers were called by concerned clerks.

Two Manteca officers stood by at two of the exit doors until their backups could arrive and then they entered the store looking for Jeremy Scheeringa, 30.  Officer George Crowley located the man hiding in a dressing room where he supposedly had been trying on pants.  Officers said they found drugs in the discarded pants but Scheeringa said the rock did not belong to him.

Police picked up the bills believed to be counterfeit that had been passed at the store and then found the man’s car parked in the parking lot where they could see two $20 bills through the windshield in the center divider.  Those were also believed to be counterfeit reproductions.

Scheeringa was taken to the Manteca Police Department where he was booked and released on a citation to appear in court at a later date.