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Cockfighting raid in Ripon nets 8 arrests
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RIPON — A cockfight in progress interrupted by San Joaquin County Sheriff’s deputies at a barn in northeast rural Ripon sent several individuals running and hiding in surrounding orchards and in a nearby trailer house.

Inside the barn where the action was taking place, deputies discovered dead roosters strewn on the ground alongside beer cans. They also found a barrel inside the building that contained more dead roosters, plus several cages containing live roosters.

Eight people, three of them females, were arrested and released with each one issued citations to appear in court. The citations were issued for gambling, animal fighting, and being spectators.

Cited for cruelty to animals and other citations were property owners Mauricio Sanchez, 48, and Dayna Cori Sanchez, 46. Angela Julia Sanchez, 20, Francisco Medina Campos, 35, Saul Mariscal Rodriguez, 44, and Jorge Montesano, 31, were each cited for cruelty to animals.

Receiving two citations each including cruelty to animals were Martha Patricia Lopez, 31; and Abel Lopez, 39.

It was not clear from the Sheriff’s reports how the individuals were related.

Here’s what happened, according to the report from the Sheriff’s Office:

At 10:43 p.m. on Saturday, Sheriff’s deputies responded to a report about a cock fight taking place in the canal area south of the 19300 block of South Wagner Road in Ripon.

When deputies arrived on the area’s dirt road, they found approximately 20 vehicles parked near a lit building. Deputies could see several individuals emerge from the north side of the building. When the subjects saw the patrol cars, they began to flee into the orchard on the north and east sides of the building.

Inside the approximately 12’x12 wooden building or barn, deputies found beer cans and dead roosters on the ground, a barrel on one end of the small building which contained several dead roosters, plus several cages with live roosters. Deputies also fund a small table on one side of the ring with numbered spaces — one through six — and a deck of cards consistent with that which is commonly used for gambling. Odds sheet showing entry numbers and loose spurs and leg bands, consistent with those used in cock fighting, were also found inside the building by the deputies.

In a trailer house located on the south side of the barn, the Sheriff’s deputies located and detained several individuals.