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Cop Log
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Wednesday, Sept. 2

11:20 p.m., Suspicious person, male subject lying on sidewalk, possibly under the influence, Lorene Ave./Blanch Ct.
11:21 p.m., Suspicious circumstance, male subject in back garage throwing items & tearing up garage, 1400 block Stoker Wy.
11:22 p.m., Suspicious circumstance, subjects in vacant residence, 300 block Mission Ridge Dr.
11:47 p.m., Disturbing the peace, 700 block E. Yosemite Ave.

Thursday, Sept. 3

12:18 a.m., Suspicious person, male subject under the influence, pushing bicycle, last seen WB on Alameda, Hispanic male subject, N. Main St./E. Alameda St.
1:41 a.m., Person care, missing mother, 40s, 800 block Virginia St.
2:24 a.m., 4 subjects in driveway drinking & being loud, 500 block El Portal Ave.
3:05 a.m., Alarm, Woodside Homes, 1400 block Marisol Dr.
3:39 a.m., Suspicious auto, 2 male subjects in red Honda Civic, 700 block Pestana Ave.
4:18 a.m., Misconduct other, security guard has subject on scene stealing gas, 1400 block W. Center St.
5:41 a.m., Suspicious circumstance, Hispanic male adult pushing lawnmower & bicycle down Louise, Trailwood Ave./W. Louise Ave.
7:52 a.m., Runaway white male juvenile, 100 block Oak St.
8:51 a.m., Animal cruelty, health & welfare for puppy w/out food, water or shelter, 300 block N. Union Rd.
8:52 a.m., Subject owns 3-4 pit bulls, courtesy notice issued, 500 block Reisling Ct.
9:00 a.m., Hit & run just occurred to subject, suspect vehicle is gray 93 Ford smaller SUV, Hispanic male adult, N. Airport Wy./W. Lathrop Rd.
9:18 p.m., Court order, child custody violation, mother has enrolled child in another school, 300 block Mission Ridge Dr.
9:35 a.m., Disturbing the peace, 3 juveniles fighting, 1200 block N. Main St.
9:47 a.m., Contained dumped cats at Vet. Clinic, 300 block Northgate Dr.
10:09 a.m., 2 teenagers, male/female, hiding in play section of park, Greystone Park, 800 block Agate Ave.
10:22 a.m., Welfare check on female subject who threatened to drink until she won’t wake up, 1800 block Santa Ana Pl.
10:29 a.m., Suspicious circumstance, male/female on bikes in alley looking for skull, 800 block Marion St.
10:29 a.m., Auto theft, white 95 Ford F150 pickup, 300 block Mission Ridge Dr.
10:34 a.m., Suspicious person, white male subject threatening employees, Jack in the Box north, 1100 block N. Main St.
11:48 a.m., Fraud, check fraud, 400 block Sharon Ct.
11:52 a.m., Property lost, male subject states he lost passport but doesn’t know where, 1400 block Kimball Pl.
11:57 a.m., Fraud, online report, ID theft, 1400 block Trellis St.
12:05 p.m., Fraud, online report, theft of wallet, debit card used at Wal Mart, 1200 block S. Main St.
12:10 p.m., Traffic violation, DUI, reckless driver in white truck WB on North, GMC Sierra single cab, N. Main St./E. North St.
12:41 p.m., Traffic violation, DUI, female driver in white 95 GMC Sierra pickup, N. Airport Wy./W. Yosemite Ave.
1:14 p.m., Shoplifting, 2 incidents of thefts of liquor from Manteca Food & Liquor, 800 block N. Main St.
1:38 p.m., Disturbing the peace, gathering of juveniles in park, pending fight, Union West Park, 1200 block Parkview St.
1:38 p.m., Group of juveniles drinking beer, showing colors at Union Park, 1300 block Maserati Ct.
1:50 p.m., Auto burglary, online report, HP laptop computer, 200 block Munter Ct.
1:56 p.m., Fraud, online report, fraudulent use of credit card, 1600 block Deerpark Dr.
2:05 p.m., Disturbing the peace, online report, disturbing phone calls, 300 block Laurelwood Cr.
2:09 p.m., Burglary, to apt., taken was tan Teacup Yorkie, 2 yrs. old, weighs 2 pounds, believes manager made illegal entry, stole Yorkie, 700 block N. Lincoln Ave.
2:13 p.m., Fraud, online report, theft of money from Bank of America account, 400 block E. Golf Cr.
2:21 p.m., Auto burglary, online report, IBM laptop stolen, 900 block Placer Ave.
2:27 p.m., Auto burglary, online report, Pioneer stereo stolen, 1700 block Piedmont Dr.
2:34 p.m., Fraud, online report, victim SS# used to access store account, Home Depot, 200 block Commerce Ave.
3:01 p.m., Suspicious person, Hispanic male adult parked teal truck & jumped sound wall into backyard, N. Airport Wy./Crom St.
3:05 p.m., Disturbing the peace, male subject over dog, matter resolved, no report, 700 block N. Lincoln Ave.
3:06 p.m., Misconduct other, subject says a package was possibly stolen off her porch, 600 block Helen Ct.
3:08 p.m., Runaway, 11 yr. old male juvenile, last seen on foot towards Library Park, 100 block Oak St.
3:59 p.m., Misconduct other, subject heard door shut inside the home, dog loose in garage & backyard, 1800 block Chur Ct.
4:02 p.m., Shoplifting, juvenile in custody for shoplifting at Rite Aid west, 1200 block W. Yosemite Ave.
4:16 p.m., Misconduct, pending fight at residence, 700 block N. Lincoln Ave.
4:19 p.m., Fraud, victim of scam, subject request officer, 1800 block E. Yosemite Ave.
4:38 p.m., Service, advice female subject her purple Honda Civic was found stripped, 900 block Sequoia Ave.
5:28 p.m., Alarm, from Woodside Model Homes, 1400 block Marisol Dr.
6:00 p.m., Person care, missing 32 yr. old daughter, 1900 block Aster Ln.
6:09 p.m., Misconduct other, male subject letting all the air out of tires, 300 block Moffat Bl.
6:37 p.m., Auto burglary, online report, Westboro Ln.
6:33 p.m., Person care, missing 12 yr. old juvenile, for 2 days, Hispanic female juvenile, 1000 block Garden Gate Dr.
7:05 p.m., Shoplifting, juveniles in custody for shoplifting at JC Penney, 1000 block Perimeter Dr.