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Cops arrest man soliciting for sex plus money for pot at Sierra High campus
trespasserDSC 6219a
A cardboard sign advertising for sex and marijuana research put 18-year-old Christopher Montielo in the back of a Manteca Police transport unit. Officers chased him for several blocks after he ran from a school resource officer in front of Sierra High School. He was later released on a simple citation. - photo by GLENN KAHL
An 18-year-old Lathrop man who was advertising for help in “marijuana research” along with a plea for sex , scrawled out on a cardboard sign, ran from a school resource officer in front of Sierra High School Thursday afternoon after he was repeatedly asked to leave.    

Christopher Montielo ran from Manteca Police school resource officer Eva Stelle who chased him for several blocks before she and other officers apprehended him in the 600 block of Schooner Place.

She said he ran across Winters Avenue jumped over fences into a back yard at Park View Street, coming back out and going west to Bounty Place.  Officer Steele said they lost him for a moment until they received a call from a campus monitor that he was seen on Schooner Place.

It was there that Steele and Street Crime Unit officer Clei DeFreitas made the arrest.  

Police charge Montielo with three misdemeanors, trespassing on a school yard, disrupting school activities, and obstructing police officers.   He was given a citation at the police department and released due to lack of space at county jail.

He told officers he is homeless.