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Couple faces charges of stealing from Home Depot
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A Hughson couple was detained by Home Depot personnel shortly before noon Wednesday after they allegedly stole some $200 in flooring laminate.

Arresting officer Grant Flory said Silvestre Puga, 45, hit a loss prevention officer in the head with his elbow when the store’s representative attempted to detain the Hughson man as he was allegedly placing stolen property into his vehicle at the back of the store.

Puga and his wife Patricia, 42, were charged with second degree burglary and conspiracy after both had allegedly fought with the loss prevention officer and other store employees as they resisted being detained, police said.

Flory said the couple had taken store property in a shopping basket to the rear of the store near the garden department where they slid the wood laminate under the fence.  The vehicle was parked behind Home Depot that they used to pick up the merchandise where they had left it.

A Home Depot spokesman said the man was suspected in pilfering other merchandise numerous times in the past that he returned to the store for gift cards.  Flory said gift cards for construction material have brought 50 cents on the dollar on the street.

It was another “catch and release” incident that saw officers forced to give the couple citations rather than transporting them to the already full San Joaquin County Jail in French Camp.