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Dispatchers use cell tech on open 911 call to find kidnap victim
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A 30-year-old kidnap and rape victim can thank the professionalism of San Joaquin County Sheriff’s dispatchers for finding her through an open 911 line in the predawn hours Saturday.

Dispatchers reported hearing the victim over the phone line pleading for mercy and sounding like she was being assaulted as they began their search for the location of the residence by triangulating the wireless signal.

Manteca Police spokesman Rex Osborn said their search was narrowed down to the 1100 block of Pestana Avenue and eventually to the exact address on that street.

Two Sheriff’s deputies and four Manteca officers arrived at the scene of the attack shortly after 4 a.m.  Hearing the assault from outside the residence they forced their way in with the deputies taking the upper floor in their search for a victim and the Manteca officers concentrating on the ground floor.

Officers Greg Beal, Jason May, Ian Osborn and canine officer Bob Anderson located the suspect who they said was in the process of further sexually assaulting the victim as they arrested him.

Arrested was Jermaine Lenorse Williams, 30, of the Pestana Avenue address, weighing 185 pounds and standing 5-foot-9 inches tall.

Osborn said the two had been working out at a Manteca gym together earlier Friday night when Williams invited the woman to his house.  She was sexually assaulted, he said, receiving contusions and multiple bruising.  He added that she had been locked in a closet after attempting to escape several times.

Williams is being held in the San Joaquin County Jail without bail charged with rape, oral copulation, and penetration with a foreign object and kidnap with intent to commit rape.

Officers sealed the house as a crime scene and detectives began their investigation at the premises Saturday morning after gaining a search warrant.  

Osborn commended the actions of the Sheriff’s dispatchers doing “an awesome job” in finding the victim and not blowing off the open line 911 call with no one talking at the other end.  He said the two departments worked amazingly well together to save the victim from further assaults.

The injured woman was transported by ambulance to an area hospital where she was still being treated Saturday afternoon.