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Frustration grows over auto burglaries
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Vehicle burglaries in the Manteca community are drawing the ire of victims who found their car  windows smashed and valuables missing.

In the last four days another 11 citizens have reported losses from their parked cars and trucks throughout the community – mostly from retail store and restaurant parking lots.  In the same time period there were seven residential burglaries and five stolen vehicles reported to police.  Vehicles parked outside of homes have also been targeted.

One recent victim, Doris Ramos, said she is frustrated with her loss – even more so when she learned there had been other victims in a Mexican restaurant parking lot in the 1500 block of West Yosemite Avenue.

She said she had been having lunch with a friend on a recent Sunday and parked her truck out toward the far end of the parking lot where two concrete retaining walls meet.  

When she returned to her vehicle she noticed glass on the ground by the passenger side of her truck and found the rear right side window completely smashed out.  She added that thieves had attempted to remove the DVD player from the ceiling of the vehicle.

“That’s when I realized that my keys were missing – I had mistakenly left them in the vehicle.  So the thieves made off with the keys to my truck, my other car and my house,” she said.

Ramos said she learned that there had been three auto burglaries the week prior and multiple vehicle break-ins in the past including a vehicle owned by a restaurant employee.  She noted that the damage to her truck brought a $500 repair bill.

Restaurant owner Claudia Ramirez does not own the building or the parking lot said she is doing everything she can to prevent further thefts of her customers’ belongs while they are eating lunch and dinner in her establishment.

“My next option is to get security out there at night and maybe during the weekend,” she said.  Ramirez said she has already sent her guys out into the parking lot with flashlights at night believing the thefts involve teens on bicycles who can quickly exit the property when they are seen.

The restaurant owners said she is also considering the installation of a surveillance video camera that would provide security to the parking lot area that could be monitored by an employee.

The latest vehicle burglary reported in the 1500 block of West Yosemite occurred in the 7 o’clock hour last Saturday evening.  At about 10 p.m. the same day there was another report of a vehicle burglary near Big League Dreams on Milo Candini Drive.