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Godzilla arrested 58 times
Majority for being drunk in public in past 2 years
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He might not be taking down Tokyo, but Scott Swafford has wandered his way through a few streets in his day. 

And he’s become one of the most arrested people in Manteca over the course of the last two years as a result. 

Swafford – who has “Godzilla” listed as his moniker on the booking slip published by the San Joaquin County Jail – was once again arrested on Friday by Manteca Police officers for an alcohol-related offense. 

It was the 58th time that Swafford has been arrested in the last 24 months – the majority of which were just drunk-tank holdovers. He was released on Sunday. Swafford is considered a transient.

Unlike some repeat offenders that are arrested for property crimes, kicked back out of jail after being processed and held for an appearance and then re-arrested days later, Swafford has largely been picked up for alcohol-related offenses.

A look at his booking history shows several months where he was arrested multiple times, and once where he was arrested three times in four days, and a total of five times in 11 days. In some instances, Swafford had to be taken to a hospital emergency room before being booked

A comprehensive history of all of his charges was not available online. Swafford was arrested four times last month, including back-to-back days on July 24 and 25. 

Police Chief Nick Obligacion, in response to a request from Councilman Steve DeBrum, is presenting a proposed strategy to address homeless issues during tonight’s 7 o’clock meeting at the Civic Center, 1001 W. Center St.

It includes:

• Instituting a homeless encampment ban.

• Possibly banning animals within Library and Wilson parks.

• Establishing clothing requirements for parks.

• Banning public urination.

• Prohibiting scavenging in recycling and waste containers for the purpose of recycling.

• Temporary closure of the Library Park restroom.

• Changes in available seating at Library and Wilson parks.

• At the same time, the chief wants to seek out outreach group willing to assist in providing homeless temporary or permanent housing.