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Gunmen fire into occupied vehicle
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Manteca Police officer Bill Walmer digs into a car’s door panel Tuesday afternoon searching for a spent bullet that penetrated two of the car’s windows in a shooting assault. - photo by GLENN KAHL
Two men wearing ski masks fired into an occupied vehicle parked at curbside Tuesday afternoon breaking out two rear side windows, police said.

 A 22-year-old resident had just returned to his home in the 500 block of Alpine Avenue to the east of Shasta Park after getting gasoline in town.  A  black four-door 2000 vintage Cadillac pulled up from behind with the passenger firing one round into the window behind the driver’s head. The bullet continued across the rear seat and broke out the opposite window.

He told officers that he first thought the bang he had heard was left-over fireworks, but the shattering glass made him realize he had been someone’s target.  The man said he immediately started his white 1989 Ford LTD and gave chase.  

The shooters drove up to Edison Avenue and then west to Garden Gate Avenue where they turned right going northbound.  He said he gave up his pursuit at that point after the passenger leaned out the car door and fired another two shots at him.

He returned to his house and called officers.  Patrolman Bill Walmer attempted to dig for a possible bullet out of the right side door, but he found only small pieces of glass.  Police were unable to find any shell casings either on Alpine or at Edison and Garden Gate avenues.

The victim told officers that he belonged to no group in the community that could have drawn anyone’s ire.  He said he lived with family members and knew of no one who would want to shoot him or his car.

Other officers immediately responding to the scene attempted to set up rolling perimeters on nearby roadways hoping to head off the fleeing suspects.