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Homeowner startles burglar who flees with shotguns, jewels shock each other
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Officers got their home burglary suspect after searching a corn field south of the Dell Webb Community Friday beginning shortly after 10 a.m. Kyle Edward Lowery, 26, was charged with burglary and for evading and resisting officers. Officers from the Street Crimes Unit are seen assisting in the capture at about 2:15. Canine officer Bob Anderson is seen with his police dog “Hoss.” - photo by GLENN KAHL
The burglarly of a Del Webb home in northwest Manteca Friday morning launched a series of events that eventually put one 26-year-old man behind bars.

The owner of the home in the 2200 block of Rockwell Way walked into his house about 10 a.m. after finishing a golf game and all but ran into a man rushing out of a bedroom with two of his shotguns and a bag of jewelry.

The burglary suspect ran into the back yard where he dropped one of the shotguns, jumped over a fence where he ditched the other gun in a bush, and lost his grip on the bag of jewelry as well. The home’s fence borders a concrete walkway on the southern edge of the Del Webb community.

The home owner said the man scaled the wall that separates the neighborhood from a large corn field – corn standing eight to nine feet high.  Patrol officers, school resource officers and members of the Street Crimes Unit were called to the scene where they set up a manned perimeter around the 8-  to 10-acre field.  

Canine officer Randy Chiek was first on the scene with his police dog “Coal” walking the perimeter of the fence.  When running from a bedroom and from the home to escape the homeowner, the suspect shed a hooded sweat shirt and a cap.  Both items, as well as a shotgun case, were used to give the dog the scent he was ordered to follow.

They located foot prints from the man’s shoes and followed them for three and a half hours through the field.  “Coal” collapsed twice during the extended search and Officer Chiek was suffering from what appeared to be heat exhaustion 10 minutes before the man was located.

Ripon Police Department’s powered parachute was called to assist in the search with an eye in the sky.  After more than an hour of flying low overhead the craft had to return to its takeoff point at Mistlin Sports Park on River Road in Ripon.

Pilot Sgt. Steve Merchant said later that their training had included methods to cause a suspect to hunker down and stay within a police perimeter. Their mission was a success.

After they refueled the powered parachute, Merchant returned over the scene with interim police Chief Ed Ormonde on board – also a trained pilot of the craft.  As they returned to the corn field Manteca officers had just located the burglary suspect and had him in custody.  Members of the Street Crimes Unit, along with patrolmen, had methodically walked down the rows of corn searching for the man in an area the police dog had led them.

They were sweeping southward toward Lathrop Road covering 10 rows at a time when they reversed their course and walked north.   Detective Paul Carmona called in to his dispatcher to halt all but emergency radio traffic – he and detectives Marnix Lub along with Ranch Johnson had located the suspect.

Lub said when he saw the suspect lying on the ground he ordered him to show him his hands; when he got up he took him back to the ground and placed him under arrest.  Officers then led the man out of the cornfield to an access road before escorting him to a police transport vehicle on Airport Way.

Canine officer Chiek was visibly dehydrated at the end of the search.  School resource officer Eva Steele poured water over his neck and down his chest to try to cool him off.  The police dog was placed in the back of an air conditioned police car with Officer Steele taking him a bottle of water that she cupped in her hands for him to drink.

An ambulance was called to the arrest scene to check the officer out and correct his obvious dehydration.

Kyle Edward Lowery, 26, of Gilroy, was charged with felony burglary, evading officers and resisting arrest.  He was transported to San Joaquin County Jail in French Camp.