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Homeowners video leads to arrest in theft
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A 10-foot-long table – valued at $700 – was taken from in front of a home in broad daylight in the 1200 block of Higton Avenue April 19. It ended up landing a Manteca woman in jail for grand theft last week.

A local pizza parlor owner returned home at the end of the day to find the table missing, but he had the entire scenario of its disappearance on his security camera video feed.

Replaying the camera footage, he saw a man and woman drive up in front of his house in a neighborhood west of East Union High School in a white pickup truck pulling an enclosed utility trailer. The video showed the woman driver get out of the truck and walk up to his front door where she appeared to knock on the door while eyeing the table near the front of his house.

She started to walk away until a car came down the street and she returned to the door apparently trying to hide her face.  When the car had passed she called to the man still sitting in the truck and suggested they take the table – which they did – carrying it to the back of the truck.

After the home owner had reviewed the tape he decided he was going to find that truck and locate his table – a mission he successfully carried out.  The truck and the table were located in the 500 block of Michigan Avenue on the west side of Manteca.  The truck was in front of that address and the table had been left on the porch, he said.

He contacted police and Joanne Leonardo, 45, was arrested in the predawn hours of April 22 and jailed on grand theft charges, according to Officer Dan Chestnut.  She was later released from San Joaquin County Jail in French Camp.