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K-9 cop leaps fences to put bite on burglary suspects
BurglaryDSC 5766
Manteca police canine “Blade” was credited with taking down this teen sitting handcuffed on a curbing in the 1200 block of Syracuse Place. The canine stands with handler, Corporal Randy Chiek and motorcycle officer David Bright. The youth refused to give his name or his age to officers and was taken to county hospital for treatment of dog bites. - photo by GLENN KAHL
Manteca Police canine “Blade” put the bite on two of three residential burglars at 11:35 a.m. Tuesday following the burglary of a home in the 1200 block of Nana Place in the northwest part of the city.

Officers said the trio had kicked in the front door to gain entry.

“Blade” and police officer Randy Chiek were in a hot foot pursuit as they joined other officers in attempting to corral two adults and a teen who were seen by neighbors entering a neighbor’s home shortly after he left from his lunch break.  The resident they chose is a military policeman, officers said.

Patrol officers and detectives set up a perimeter in the neighborhood to ensure the suspects did not get away from their grasp.  They would later set up roadside lineups to allow witnesses to identify the trio who allegedly entered the home.

Chiek said his canine went over the fences and then — on command — waited for him to clear the top of the fence and  ran toward  the next fence,  clearing that one too.  Community service officer Charill Jones, driving into the area,  spotted one member of the fleeing group attempt to hide in a refuse Toter and “Blade” was not far behind when she pointed out the hiding spot.

Officers said the suspect refused to come out of the trash bin and the canine went in after him pulling the toter over and dragging the suspect out by his arm.  Police said he continued to resist when officer Chiek called his dog off and officers took over.

Two other suspects were found in yards between Nana and Syracuse Place — one more had his own confrontation with the police canine.  Police said the initial theft involved the theft of two Dell computers and their Internet hookups.  

One neighbor told officers she saw a man run through her back yard as she worked at her computer work station in her family room.  She said he quickly changed course when he met a dog in the next yard where he was attempting to run.  He had kicked a hole in the side fence to her back yard to get through rather than jumping over.

The initial call came into the police dispatcher by a neighbor who said she was watching three males breaking into her neighbor’s house.  She remained on the line as Sgt. Ralph Colin and his day shift officers, street crimes officers, school resource officers  and community services officers arrived on the scene within one minute.

Police spokesman Rex Osborn said the suspects fled running in three different directions.

“Within five minutes all three suspects were taken into custody,” Osborn said.

Charged with burglary were Jeremy Carthledge, 21, of Stockton, and Fernando Javier Rivera, 19, also of Stockton.  Also arrested on like charges was a 16-year-old teen who was transported to San Joaquin County Hospital for treatment of his dog bites.

Carthledge and Rivera were both booked into San Joaquin County Jail with bail set at $500,000 each and they will appear in the Manteca Branch of the San Joaquin County Superior Court Jan. 22.  The teen was taken to Juvenile Hall following treatment at the county hospital.

The teen reportedly refused to cooperate with officers and would not tell them his name or his age.  They were able to contact his mother, however,  and learned his identity through her.

Osborn added that the suspects were taken into custody so quickly because of great witnesses advising police where the suspects had fled and the “excellent coordination” of the officers who responded.