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Man with wife on hood pleads guilty, judge says not acceptable
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A 36-year-old man accused of attempting to kill his wife who hugged the hood of his car for some 45 minutes last Friday around midnight, told the court Thursday afternoon that he was guilty of all charges.

Christopher Michael Carroll appeared in the Manteca Branch of the San Joaquin County Superior Court at 1:30 p.m. Court officers were stunned when he blurted out that he had done everything he was being charged with having done to his wife.

“I did that to my wife.  I did all of that to my wife.  I am guilty,” he said after reading the charges that were handed to him in the courtroom.  The normal response in a preliminary court session is “not guilty” and his plea was not accepted by the judge.

He appeared confident and was swaying back and forth in his chair as he was reading the complaint relating to the 100 mile per hour drive in 45 degree weather from Manteca to Pleasanton with his wife hanging onto  the hood of the family’s green, 1999 Mercury Villager.

He reportedly had been seen by other motorists shortly before midnight Friday driving south on Main Street when he went through a red light and drove into the westbound lanes of the Highway 120 Bypass.

At least one of the motorists gave pursuit after seeing the woman hanging onto the hood of his mini-van – clutching a windshield wiper and side mirror.   They drove to I-5, going southbound to Highway 132, taking that freeway to its intersection with the 580 freeway, and then westbound over the Altamont and into Pleasanton.  When he took an off ramp in that city his wife Rebecca, 25, rolled off the hood and onto the side of the road, police said.

She reportedly received facial abrasion and was complaining of back pain, possibly suffering from hypothermia, as she was taken to a Pleasanton hospital.

The pursuing motorist stopped and rendered aid to the woman calling the highway patrol to come to the scene.  Carroll reportedly drove off into the Pleasanton community.  He was arrested at his home in south central Manteca later in the morning where officers found his van in the driveway.

After refusing to accept Carroll’s guilty plea, Superior Court Judge Ron Northup ordered Carroll to undergo a psychological evaluation before appearing in the Stockton Courthouse on March 8.