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Officers on horseback arrest Manteca man exiting rodeo for domestic violence
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OAKDALE — It was a shade of the “Old West” when fans leaving the annual Oakdale Rodeo Saturday afternoon witnessed two Oakdale Police officers on horseback corral a Manteca man who was allegedly seen repeatedly striking a pregnant woman riding in his car.

An Oakdale Police Department spokesman confirmed Monday afternoon that Julio Cesar Gutierrez-Estrada, 34, was charged with domestic violence, misdemeanor assault on a police horse and drunken driving.  Gutierrez-Estrada was also held without bail for the Immigration Service as an illegal alien.

Officer Joe Cruz was riding his mount “Lobo” that had been featured in a past Bulletin article as a surviving rescue horse along with Officer John Deming and his patrol equestrian “Moe” when they came upon a man allegedly beating his girlfriend while they were backed up in rodeo traffic.

Cruz and “Lobo” first rode after the vehicle after seeing the driver striking the female passenger.  The officer said he ordered the motorist to pull over, but he was flipped off in the process and the man continued on in traffic.

Officer Deming, according to witness reports, first saw the woman on foot with a car close behind honking. The officer rode up alongside the vehicle atop “Moe” as another officer in a patrol car pulled in behind the man activating his lights and siren.

Police arrested the driver and also charged him with resisting arrest before he was transported to Stanislaus County Jail in Modesto.