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Pipe bomb detonated in alley of 400 block of West Yosemite Ave. on Friday by police
BombDSC 6933a
Bomb squad officers Mike Keener and Danny Erb approach a pipe bomb that was located in the alley of the 400 block of West Yosemite Avenue Friday noon. The 4-inch-long pipe bomb was detonated from the police department’s bomb squad truck parked some 200 feet away. It had been located by a man who had been walking through the alley and called police. - photo by GLENN KAHL
Manteca Police detonated a pipe bomb Friday noon that was found in the alley of the 400 block of West Yosemite Avenue.
A man called police saying he walked upon the bomb about 100 feet east of Jessie Avenue up against a chain link fence on the south side of the alley.

It was the second bomb to be found in that area of the city in the last few weeks. Another that had been detonated was located in the 500 block of Virginia Street, officers said.

Police cordoned off the neighborhood to keep traffic away and the general public from walking into the neighborhood near the alley.  Yellow crime scene tape was stretched across the entrances to the alleyway as well.

The bomb squad officers set up their emergency van in the parking lot of the nearby service station and convenience store.  One they had their detonator in place they stretched a wire from the detonator to their van.  The siren on the van was activated three times as an apparent warning before bomb squad sergeant Danny Erb could be heard making his countdown for the detonator to be set off.

As everyone took cover there were two loud explosions a micro-second apart – one from the detonator and the second from the pipe bomb.